"Laser tag sounded like a lot of fun. Thanks for going above and beyond with your program!"
Amanda Young - parent
"Just want to say thank you again for your wonderful after school program. Have a great summer!"
Karen Angulo - parent
"Thanks for being an AWESOME club leader, I love going to aftercare every day. Hope the fun never stops!"
Alex Angulo - child
"We truly appreciate your help during the school year. Annika loves Clubhouse Kids and thinks the world of you (as do we). Have a wonderful summer!"
The Matthews Family
"Thank you for all that you do to make us confident in leaving our children in your care."
Evelyne Crooks - parent
"Come the end of the day, you guys always have my kids wanting to come back to Clubhouse Kids for more tomorrow!"
Eileen Lombardi - parent

About Us

About Our Company

Clubhouse Kids provides high-quality Before and After School Child Care and Summer Camp services to school age children (K-8th grade) in Frederick County, Maryland. During each school year, we provide this care at our three in-school child care center locations:

  • - Clubhouse Kids @ Frederick Classical Charter School (FCCS),
  • - Clubhouse Kids @ Monocacy Valley Montessori Public Charter School (MVMPCS), and,
  • - Clubhouse Kids @ Saint Thomas More Academy (STMA)

In addition to providing care to the children attending the three schools listed above, at our Clubhouse Kids @ FCCS location we offer to provide care through Clubhouse Kids bus service to children attending any of these additional five Frederick, MD area schools:

  • - Glade Elementary School
  • - Mother Seton School (PM Care Only)
  • - North Frederick Elementary School
  • - Walkersville Elementary School
  • - Walkersville Middle School (AM Care Only)

During the summer, Clubhouse Kids offers an outstanding summer camp program to all Frederick-area children who will be entering any grade, kindergarten through 8th, in the upcoming fall.

Throughout each summer, the kids take field trips at least 3 days per week, traveling to the pool each week, to the movies each week, and to other destinations each week such as Pump It Up, Sky Zone, Chuck E. Cheese, bowling, laser tag, Adventure Park USA, waterslide parks, and more!

On summer days when the kids remain at the center, they'll have a blast taking part in various theme day and spirit day events and activities that occur throughout summer, or enjoying a great game with friends on a Clubhouse Kids air-hockey table, or ping pong table, or playing with one of the many other games, toys, books, and other activities at the center!

Additionally, we are proud to boast that we maintain higher than the MSDE-OCC required staff-to-child ratio at all of our centers during school year and summer camp child care sessions.

About Our Staff

Having a team of outstanding staff members at each Clubhouse Kids location helps to ensure a high-quality child care program for our children and their families. That’s why we make it a top priority to hire only the best of the best! Reliability, excellent communication skills, the ability to problem solve, and a clear understanding of child development are only some of the qualities we look for in the dedicated professionals who run day-to-day activities at our centers.

When forming a team to run a Clubhouse Kids school year or summer camp program, a tremendous amount of thought, planning, and effort goes into creating the perfect group of individuals. During this process, a Clubhouse Kids staff development team works tirelessly to create a well-matched group that will strive to continually meet, and exceed, the needs of the Clubhouse Kids location.

A common hurdle in the child care industry is staff retention. At Clubhouse Kids, the majority of our staff members came to us by referral from valued sources such as existing staff members, school personnel, and families within our programs. We are very proud of our low staff turnover rate.

For all Clubhouse Kids child care center staff members, the hiring process includes:

  • - A mandatory Criminal Background Check conducted at the State and Federal level. An additional Background Check is then also conducted by the Maryland State Department of Education – Office of Child Care (MSDE-OCC)
  • - A complete medical evaluation including a TB test
  • - Illicit drug use testing
  • - At least two personal and professional references
  • - An office interview and an on-site training interview and/or orientation

Upon employment with Clubhouse Kids, staff members are subject to random drug testing and must maintain a specific number of continuing education hours per year (the number of hours is determined by the MSDE-OCC, and by the employee’s job title/position).

In addition, we provide all school year child care center Directors and Teachers with:

  • - CPR Certification
  • - First Aid Certification
  • - Medication Administration Certification
  • - Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Planning Certification
  • - Continuing Education Courses to equal at least 12 credit hours annually
  • - Assistance with credentialing through the MSDE-OCC

Each child care center team consists of dedicated professionals who continually raise the bar, working to build exciting and enthusiastic programs for children of all ages. Our staff members are specialists who are highly qualified, expertly trained, and committed to creating lifelong memories with the children in their care.

We invite you to contact us, and plan a visit to one of our centers, today!

A Brief History of How We Began

In late 2009, a group of parents began meeting regularly to discuss the possibility of opening a new charter school in Frederick County, Maryland. After many meetings and much planning, in the summer of 2010 they announced their intention to create the Frederick Classical Charter School (FCCS).

In preparing for their impending opening, FCCS began to look for a fresh new approach to before and after school care for the children that would be attending the school. Meanwhile, Aimee & Chris Dunn of Frederick County, Maryland had been looking for just the right school in which to open their first before and after school child care program.

Aimee had been in the before and after school child care industry for over 21 years, with about 20 of those years employed with the same company in Montgomery County, Maryland. While with that company, Aimee had assisted in the opening of several of the company's over 30 in-school-located child care centers. Throughout that time she had been a valuable mentor to the staff at each of those centers, as well as their supervisor as they developed and grew in their careers.

Eventually, FCCS board members and Aimee & Chris got in touch with each other and had their first meeting. Soon afterwards, Clubhouse Kids LLC was formed.

Finally, after surpassing FCPS-Board of Education hurdles, the FCCS school was approved to open in August 2013 for school year 2013-2014.

So, in August 2013 the Frederick Classical Charter School officially opened its doors with Clubhouse Kids as their on-site before & after school child care provider!

Clubhouse Kids opened with a goal of establishing an environment in which the children could laugh and learn while enriching their young lives in club-like activities that utilized the principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, [Arts], and Mathematics (STEM/STEAM); in addition to activities centered around health & physical fitness. All this, combined in a program that offered a comprehensive homework study-time as well, with the Clubhouse Kids staff providing support.

Immediately upon opening, acceptance into the Clubhouse Kids program became sought after not only by those who were in need of child care, but by those who realized how important it is for a child care facility to provide children with stimulating, educational, and fun social interactions, as well as excellent child care.

Clubhouse Kids looks forward to maintaining an excellent reputation in the Before and After School Child Care industry for many years to come.

We cheerfully invite you to join the Clubhouse Kids family in following our company motto, which is to, Laugh, Learn, and Grow With Us!