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Positions are available for:

  • *School Age Child Care Teacher
      (on track to a Director position)
      (at our downtown Frederick
      (available now)

  • *Substitute Positions for: School Age Child Care Teachers & Aides
      (must be available to work on
      Teacher Professional Days that
      are school holidays)
      (school teachers make the best
      candidates for this :-) )

We will always accept applications for Substitutes in hopes of using our subs whenever needed, and promoting them into regular full and part time positions as our company growth continues! :-)

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Our Staff

We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff
Clubhouse Kids employs qualified, enthusiastic, dedicated, and caring staff members. Our team is carefully selected and professionally trained. We guarantee that our staff will deliver fun, exciting, and innovative choices for your child.

Each year, staff members are trained in new safety techniques and take refresher courses to keep up to date with Medication Administration procedures, CPR & First Aid certifications, and Maryland State Department of Education-Office of Child Care regulations, as well as the proper way to conduct emergency preparedness drills.

Just before the start of each school year, we bring all our staff together for an orientation day of training. This day is used to train our staff on best practices in developmentally appropriate activities as well as motivational themes and team building exercises to help our staff feel prepared and energized for the upcoming school year.

our staff members stand out
Our child care center staff are actively engaged every day with the children in their care. Our goal is to provide a positive, nurturing environment for the children that we care for.

Our child care center staff place an emphasis on "coaching" the children using appropriate conflict resolution techniques, as well as social and emotional skills that are vital for children to learn, with a hope that these techniques and skills will be learned, and will remain with them to be reflected on, if needed, throughout their adult life.

Clubhouse Kids supports inclusive care for all, and provides many opportunities for family engagement partnerships and community partnerships.

Our staff members understand and support the need for quality child care programs for school age children and realize that a highly qualified and professional work force comprises a major part of it.

How might you recognize our staff each day?

  • - Easily identifiable Clubhouse Kids ID badge
  • - Pleasantly greeting everyone everyday
  • - Interacting with the kids
  • - Enthusiastic & caring

In addition, all of our staff have been credentialed my the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) at a level 1 (for aides) through a level 5. Becomming credentialled by the MSDE is a tremendous accomplishment for any child care employee.

Clubhouse Kids continues to train and challenge our staff to be the best child care providers possible. Each and every day we invite all of our children and staff to follow our company motto, which is to...Laugh, Learn, and Grow With Us!

Pre-Employment Information
and Continued Professional Development

MSDE-OCC Requirements for Initial Employment

and for Continued Employment in the Child Care Industry

All child care centers operating in the state of Maryland are required to be registered, licensed, and follow the guidelines set forth by the Maryland State Department of Education - Office of Child Care (MSDE-OCC). Clubhouse Kids always meets or exceeds all MSDE-OCC requirements.

One of those requirements is to maintain a minimum staff-to-child ratio of 1:15 (for school age children) at all times. At Clubhouse Kids, we are proud to boast that we always schedule staffing patterns to far exceed the required ratio.

Also, prior to employment, the MSDE-OCC requires all child care workers in Maryland to be fingerprinted & background-checked, complete a medical evaluation and TB test, and attend a staff orientation that is specific to our child care center.

Then, once employed in the child care industry, all child care center staff must maintain a certain number of professional development training hours each year. The amount of required training hours is set by the MSDE-OCC and differs depending on each employee's position. The hours are divided into a determined number of content areas relating to "Core of Knowledge" training in the areas of "Health, Safety & Nutrition", "Child Development", "Professionalism", "Community", "Communication", and "Curriculum".

Clubhouse Kids has an on-staff MSDE-OCC approved trainer to provide trainings in those areas and help staff meet their annual training requirements.

It is a Clubhouse Kids company priority to actively invest in the growth and development of our staff.