Clubhouse Kids Program Overview

Innovative, developmentally appropriate, in-school located, before and after school child care services at competitive rates. Open on all teacher professional days, and many other school holidays throughout the school year. Summertime care brings summer camp sessions filled with outdoor fun, field trips, and more!


High Quality School-Year Child Care
with Enrollment Plans That Fit Your Needs

Program Overview

A Sample Day in School Year Care
Our schedule for before and after school care allows children plenty of time to relax and unwind each day. It supports daily opportunities for children to form friendships, develop interests, develop skills, and to experience a nurturing atmosphere of acceptance and guidance.

Each day we offer Group Time, Snack Time, both Indoor Play and Outdoor Play, Club Activities, and Recreational Activities for children to choose from. Field trips are offered periodically and help to round out the program.

We are proud to boast that we maintain higher than the MSDE-OCC required staff-to-child ratio at all of our centers during school year and summer camp child care sessions (the MD State required staff to child ratio for school-age children is a minimum of 1 staff member to each 15 children, for a 1:15 staff-to-child ratio).

In addition, we provide a daily 45 - 50 minute staff-guided, quiet Homework Time. Children who do not complete their homework during this period are free to continue working on their homework after Homework Time completes, instead of participating in the upcoming planned actitivies. Then once they complete their homework, they are free to join in on other ongoing center activities.

A Sample School-Year Daily Schedule:

Times vary, as different Clubhouse Kids centers have different opening and closing times.

            Hours of Operation
            In the mornings from 6:30am or 7:00am until school begins...and...
   the afternoons from school dismissal time until 6:00pm or 6:30pm.

            Before School Care
            6:30am   Welcome/Good Morning!
            6:35am   Open ChoiceTime, Social Time, Relax Time, Silent Reading,
                          Small Group & Individual Time, or Continue to Work on Homework
            7:00am   BreakfastTime & Open Choice Time as Above (BreakfastTime spans 30-minutes)
            7:30am   Clubs!, Social Time, Arts & Crafts, STEM/STEAM, Prop Box Play,
                          Table-Top Activities such as Drawing/Coloring,Board Games
            8:15am   Group Meeting/Chat Time
            8:30am   Dismiss for school - Have a great day!

            After School Care
            3:00pm   Welcome/Attendance
            3:10pm   Group Meeting/Chat Time, Snack Time, Open Choice Activities,
            3:40pm   Indoor or Outside Play Time, Social Time Arts & Crafts, Games,
                          Table-Top Activities such as Drawing/Coloring, Board Games,
                          Domain of Learning Activities
            4:10pm   Homework Time/Tutor Time and Quiet Activities
            5:00pm   Clubs!, Social Time, Arts & Crafts, STEM/STEAM, Group Games
            6:30pm   See you tomorrow, Have a great night!

School Year STEM/STEAM Learning
What is STEM/STEAM? STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. At Clubhouse Kids, we add "the arts" to make STEM become STEAM! That means STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

We have dedicated STEAM and other enticing areas at each Clubhouse Kids location including the Science Area, the Sensory Area, an Imagination Station area, an Arts & Crafts Area, as well as our Samsung Galaxy tablets which the children use for videography, technology and more (The tablets do not have access to the Internet when at the center, and children are instructed not to photograph, video record, or voice record others with the tablets).

All dedicated areas are filled with engaging activities including many that focus on the individual principles of STEAM, as well as many STEAM-focused books and games for the children to read and play with.

School Year Clubs
Clubhouse Kids provides an improved approach to Before and After School child care by implementing "child directed" clubs. Our child directed clubs encourage 5th-graders-and-up to take part in the design and leadership of each club offered at each center throughout the school year. This helps to draw on the energy and creativity of the children involved, and to foster leadership experience while under the guidance of Clubhouse Kids staff.

Throughout each school year, approximately every 4-6 weeks, new clubs are decided on. When this occurs, the kids and a Clubhouse Kids staff person meet to discuss their interests, and decide on what clubs they would like to have available at the center. When the new clubs have been determined, each club meets regularly for approximately 4-6 weeks, where depending on the club, the kids may make projects, learn or enhance sports skills, cook special treats, read books together, work on learning a foreign language, and more.

School Year Homework Time
A 45 - 50 minute staff-guided, quiet period of Homework Time is scheduled during after-school-care every day Monday through Thursday. During Homework Time the children will be split into smaller groups (usually by grade) to assist the staff in providing guidance. Our staff will ensure that the atmosphere is quiet, comfortable, and conducive to homework and study. Clubhouse Kids will keep common homework supplies on hand for any children that may need them.

Parents will be updated daily on the progress of their child's homework completion. This helps parents to know whether their child has additional homework to complete at home, or is having difficulties with a particular assignment.

School Year Breakfast Snack Time & Afternoon Snack Time
Children in morning care between 6:30am - 7:30am will be offered a light breakfast each day, ranging from cereal in milk, to bagels with cream cheese, and with a fruit offered daily as well.

Breakfasts and afternoon snacks are planned according to licensing regulations focusing on nutrition & variety. We strive to create a varied and nutritional menu that the children will enjoy. Snack menus are posted monthly. 100% juice and/or milk are offered daily.

Children with restricted diets are always accommodated. Food allergies are addressed on an individual basis, but Clubhouse Kids’ snacks are always entirely nut-free. All staff are informed of, and trained for, all allergies that exist at the center. Special orders to our food distributor or special trips to the grocery store are offered to families to ensure that our snack is safe and enjoyable for each child.

School Year Full-Time Care
Families needing full-time care for their child can enroll in a Clubhouse Kids full-time plan as space allows. A full-time plan consists of a regular group of 5-days each week in which a child has a guaranteed space available for attendance at the center in the mornings for Before School care Only, in the afternoons for After School Care Only, or in both mornings and afternoons during the regular school year for Before and After School Care.

A child enrolled in a full-time 5-days per week AM & PM plan will have a space reserved for him/her in care during all days/hours that Clubhouse Kids is open during the school year, and will never need to use drop-in care.

School Year Part-Time Care
Families needing part-time care (either 1, 2, 3, or 4 days per week of Before School Care Only, or After School Care Only, or Before and After School Care) for their child can enroll in a Clubhouse Kids part-time plan and also use our drop-in plan as space allows. A part-time plan consists of a regular group of days each week in which a child has a guaranteed space available for attendance at the center in the mornings, afternoons, or a combination of both during the regular school year.

School Year Drop-In Care
A drop-in plan can be used when an unexpected need for child care arises on a day when a child is normally not in attendance at Clubhouse Kids. As with children enrolled in full or part time plans, drop-in care requires prior enrollment/registration and also, if possible, at least 24-hours' notice prior to the day that drop-in care is needed. Drop-in care attendance is based on a space-available basis and is not guaranteed to be available on all days, or at all times.

About Maryland Excels
In addition to Maryland State Department of Education - Office of Child Care (MSDE-OCC) licensing which includes periodic state inspections as well as unscheduled "pop-in" inspections to ensure compliance with Maryland child care regulations, licensed child care programs in the state of Maryland also can choose to participate in the optional Maryland EXCELS Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS).

The Maryland EXCELS QRIS builds upon the foundation of the MSDE-OCC’s rigorous child care licensing requirements by providing the opportunity for child care programs to demonstrate achievements that exceed state licensing requirements. Then, upon review and verification, programs are awarded a rating of 1 to 5 (with 5 being the highest quality level). Many child care providers work diligently for years to continuously achieve the next highest MD EXCELS rating.

In addition to this overall QRIS rating, programs and providers achieve a separate rating in each of the five content areas of: Licensing and Compliance, Accreditation and Rating Scales, Staffing and Professional Development, Developmentally Appropriate Learning and Practice, and Administrative Polices and Practices.

Maryland EXCELS awards ratings to participating Child Care Programs based upon nationally recognized quality standards and best practices. The Maryland EXCELS program is designed to increase awareness of the elements of high quality care and education, to recognize and support child care programs who are meeting those standards, and to educate families and the community about the importance of high quality child care and early childhood programs.

As the Maryland EXCELS website states, "a child care program that is awarded a Maryland EXCELS rating at any level, including level 1, demonstrates the child care program’s commitment to continuous quality improvement."

Clubhouse Kids' Participation In Maryland Excels
Clubhouse Kids is proud to take part in the Maryland EXCELS voluntary Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) for child care organizations.

Our Clubhouse Kids centers have completed the qualifying criteria to be published at a Maryland EXCELS level two, and are currently working towards completing the required criteria for us to be published at a Maryland EXCELS level three, with plans to ultimately reach the highest rating of check level five.

School Year Tuition Rates
Tuition rates for school year care vary depending on which days, and in which parts of those days, your child may need care, as well as in which county and state each program is located. Available school year plans range from a 5-days-per-week Before and After School Care plan to a 1-day-per-week Before School Care Only plan or After School Care Only plan...and just about everything in-between!

We make no secret of the fact that we aim to remain among the lowest priced child care companies in the area (for our type of in-school-located child care), while providing a superior program filled with fun and educational clubs, games, and field trips, as well as an instruction assisted homework time throughout the school year.

We realize that child care can be expensive, particularly for multi-children families. During school year care, we offer a "sliding scale" sibling discount for siblings enrolled in our care. The highest priced sibling enrollment plan pays regular price, but after that, the more siblings enrolled, the higher the discount! The sibling discounts do not apply to our drop-in care.

For a complete breakdown of our available school year child care plans and rates, please head over to our Forms page to download our School Year Child Care Enrollment Application right now!

Summer Camp Care...

What Happens at Summer Camp?
Summer FUN happens at summer camp!
Including weekly theme days, spirit days, and specialty camp events such as "Fun with Science Day", "Break a Clubhouse Kids World Record Day", one of the kids' all-time-favorites... "Clubhouse Kids Has Talent Day", and more!

Who Can Attend Our Summer Camp Program?
Clubhouse Kids Summer Camp is open to all Frederick area children entering K-8th grade in the upcoming fall school year (not just children attending school at our host-school location).
Tell your family!! Tell your friends!!

Summer Camp Field Trips, Outings, and Activities
We keep ourselves quite busy each week with fun, and exciting field trips which include trips to the pool every week, trips to the movies every week, and awesome trips each week to destinations such as Pump It Up, bowling, a waterslide park, Sky Zone, Adventure Park USA, and more!!

When we're not on a field trip, you can bet that we're having a blast at the center with arts & crafts activities, our air hockey, foosball, & ping pong tables, or one of our theme days such as Clubhouse Kids Has Talent Day, Break a Clubhouse Kids World Record Day, Gaming Day, Fun with Food Day, and more!

Click below for a printable calendar of the FUN planned for Clubhouse Kids Summer Camp 2017! And take a look at the fun we had during previous summers on our Facebook page!

Summer Camp 2017 Calendar Sm

Summer Camp Dates
Clubhouse Kids Summer Camp begins each summer on the first Monday after the last day of the normal school year. Then, Summer Camp sessions are weekly throughout the summer ending on the second Friday before the next school year begins. In other words, before the next school year begins, there will be one week with no summer camp, and no school. We use this week for staff trainings & orientations and overall preparation for the upcoming school year.

Summer Camp 2017 will begin on Monday, June 19, 2017 running through Friday, August 25, 2017. During summer camp, we are open daily from 6:30am - 6:30pm. Camp hours are 9:00am - 3:30pm, with free extended care available in the mornings from 6:30am - 9:00am and in the evenings from 3:30pm - 6:30pm.

Summer Camp Rates
We know summer camp can be expensive. To the best of our knowledge, Clubhouse Kids has had, and hopes to continue to have, one of the the lowest priced summer camp sessions in the area, for our type of school-location-based multiple-weekly-field trip summer camp program. Our program is without a doubt the best value summer camp program in Frederick.

Summer Camp 2017 tuition rates are $165 + $25 Activity Fee, per child, per week. The Activity Fee helps to cover travel costs and admission fees associated with our frequent summer camp field trips to area theme parks, movie theaters, pools, bowling alleys, farms, and more, as well as our theme days when spending the day at the center.

A summer camp sibling discount is offered for siblings enrolled in the same weeks of camp as the regular priced sibling. That sibling discount amount is:
    $10 per 1st additional sibling (child #2) per week; and,
    $20 per 2nd additional sibling and after (child #3+) per week.

Without a will have tons of fun at Clubhouse Kids Summer Camp!